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Big Baits Small Reel – Will it work?

Big Baits Small Reel – Will it work?

So, needing a new swimbait reel and having to wait was just killing me. I posed the question, will a regular size reel work for throwing big swimbaits. I asked several high-profile swimbait groups on Facebook and got responses from very high-profile followers to everyday people. I received responses all across the board. I was told it would and wouldn’t, not enough line capacity, gears would get destroyed, drag couldn’t handle the big baits. It was endless the amount of people who said it wouldn’t work.

However, I found several people that swore they would work and nothing would go wrong. I believed they knew something the others didn’t. I also suspect that most of the nay-sayers were just repeating what they had heard from someone else.

I chose the Ardent Pro in 7.3:1 gear ratio and ending up spooling up 17lb Cabela’s Professional Fluorocarbon on the reel. I started this adventure on August 20th 2017. I will keep this post updated to tell all how everything went. If you have any questions or thoughts on the subject, please let me know below.

Check out my video here!

Semper Fish!

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