Swimbait Mayhem


Throwing big baits brings a new set of problems, especially the combination of big swimbaits and bait casting reels. Adjusting your reel properly will save you a lot of grief and problems with backlashes. These are the simple steps that I follow to keep me fishing and avoiding problems on the water. Adjusting your reel for swimbaits is getting the proper setting of brakes and spool tension.  

The first step is the brakes. I set the brakes at a ¾ setting and this helps with the control of the spool once your lure hits the water. The spool brake is the next part of your reel that needs to be adjusted and the most important step, due to the heavy nature of big baits. I set the brake at the point, that when you release the spool the lure doesn’t move. I then slowly adjust the brake to a slow controlled fall. In this fall the spool should stop spinning when the lure reaches the water or the ground. At that point, I release the brake just a little more to fairly quick fall. This is the ideal fall rate for me when throwing big baits.

ADJUSTING YOUR REEL FOR SWIMBAITSADJUSTING YOUR REEL FOR SWIMBAITSThis is by far not the only way to do adjust your reel for swimbaits or big baits, but it is one that works for me. Comment below if it helps or not. Also, if you have a different way, please share so we can all learn! As always, if you ever have any questions ask below.




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