Three times in one year i’ve been skunked in an area that can be extremely productive at time. It seems to go from non-stop action to absolute barren landscape with very little signs of life in the gin clear waters of the lower Susquehanna River on the Upper Chesapeake Bay.  This past weekend, I was once again skunked and left wondering how such productive little stretch can change so much. On the ride home, the light bulb went off as a came to realize that all the days I was skunked on the this particular river had one thing in common. It was the change in tide and lack of water release from the Conowingo Dam.  

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More than i’ve seen on the tidal Potomac River, the outgoing tide really pushes the baitfish out and down the Susquehanna more than I would have ever expected. On an outgoing tide the clear water is almost void of life with the exception of some extremely large shad, handful of catfish and a few stray smallies, there are no fish to be found. The change in tide and the flood of water back into the river or a water release from the dam cause an explosion in baitfish and bass activity

The goal now is find out where all the fish and bait push to on an outgoing tide and capitalzie on the new information that I have gained and become more productive


Semper Fish!

Joe Carrigan, The National Angler