The Molix Supernato Frog is going to be the hottest frog for 2019 and it packs some amazing features. This frog is a combination of your everyday frog with a new set of legs that have a unique design that creates a commotion that bass has yet to see on the water. The action of these legs is excellent either fast or on a slow retrieve.

The big problem with frogs that have this style of legs, instead of skirt legs is simple. Once the legs get destroyed or ripped off the frog is done. Molix has really stepped up the advancements of this frog with its replaceable legs and the way they have designed the method for holding the legs in place. Plus, you can technically put any type of soft plastic as legs or trailer for this frog. For example, if you wanted a more subtle approach you could add on a short twin tail grub.

Molix Supernato Frog – Product Description

A new hybrid bait developed by Molix, with the contribution of Carl Jocumsen, Australian-USA Pro Angler, expert and talented frog angler. It was conceived by exploiting the hydrodynamics and the buoyancy of the realistic body of a classic frog bait. The double tail made of a high density mixture creates high frequency vibrations. The two parts of the bait are joined by a solid mechanism fixed in the back part of the body of the frog. The fastening system allows a quick and precise assembly and the possibility to use customized tails of any type and shape. The inward-facing appendages can move during the retrieval phases like a true propeller. It lends itself to slow and fast retrieval over the vegetation or also to powerful jerks-strokes. The Supernato Frog is armed with a double and strong OMTD Custom hook.

Check out the Molix Supernato Frog yourself now and just how much Justin Lucas loves this hot new frog.

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