Anglers from all across the country eagerly await the new products every year at ICAST. It’s kind of like waiting for Christmas, but it’s during the hottest time of the year. I personally watch for posts on social media and search YouTube frequently during ICAST just to get a peek at all the new products. The pain in waiting is just horrible for some of us.

In years past, only members of industry, the media, professional anglers, and social media anglers had access to all the new products. Since the general public is not allowed into the show, we are dependent upon someone else to bring us the latest and greatest of the fishing world.

Starting in 2019, EVERYONE will have virtual access to all the newest gear, even before the attendee’s get access to the show. The new product showcase is on day 1, Tuesday, July 9th and the showroom floor opens up at 5 p.m. eastern time. However, all of us will have an advanced virtual look at the new ICAST 2019 Digital Showcase, sponsored by Fishing Tackle Retailer/Decode (FTR).

FTR is sponsoring new ICAST 2019 apps for Android and iPhone, or at icastfishing.org! The apps and website will give you and every other angler from across the country early access to the New Product Digital Showcase. The best part, you will have access to the products, pictures, details, and link at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. That is a full 3 hours to view the products, even before the attendees get to view those products. Now you won’t have to wait for someone to post something on Instagram or a painful YouTube video.

Here are the links that will take you to the apps or website. Don’t forget Tuesday, July 9th @ 2 p.m. for early access to the New Product Digital Showcase.

Website Link: ICASTfishing.org

Android App: Click Here

Apple App: Click Here