New rigs and techniques are always popping up and making an impact on the fishing world. Some are homegrown like the Alabama Rig and other are transplants from other countries like the Neko Rig.

These rigs usually aren’t anything new and they have usually been around for a while just used regionally until one person wins something big like Paul Elias and the Alabama Rig.

So what is the Tokyo Rig? Its nothing really groundbreaking just a new look for lures that you want to follow bottom contours and be just off the bottom. The Tokyo Rig has a tried and true, wide gap worm hook, but it’s what’s in front of the hook that makes this rig so unique. The unique feature is the large round ring, where other might expect a split ring. This large round ring allows you to attach a swivel on the front and long wire with a swivel on one end that drops down to add on weights of your choice. The large ring is really the key, it allows your choice of baits to have freedom of movement. Having a soft plastic swimbait, craw, or worm just off the bottom undulating as it moves has proven deadly on largemouth bass.

I have already found tons of videos with people making homemade rigs. However, VMC with the support of Mike Iaconelli for this technique that is sure to be hot for 2019.

Here is the link to Tackle Warehouse below the video if you are interested and a video below to show you this potential game changer for 2019.

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Click Here ->Tackle Warehouse VMC Tokyo Rig


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