Guadalupe Bass – Fishing the Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe Bass is another subspecies of species Black Bass. While there is several very popular species more notable know as Largemouth and Smallmouth. The Guadalupe Bass is a subspecies of the Black Bass and is only found in the Hill Country of Texas, most notably the Guadalupe River. You can find these bass spread throughout the Hill Country from San Antonio to Austin.

Here is a great web page with information from Texas Parks & Wildlife

Through some research, I have found the Guadalupe bass to be quite the small ferocious fish. The Texas state record is just 3.71lbs and measured 17.25 in. The state of Texas has stated that a 12in Guadalupe Bass is a trophy fish. Recognition of the species is also very hard with the introduction of Smallmouth Bass in some of the rivers. So, finding a true Guadalupe Bass may be difficult.

Now, catching a Guadalupe Bass or just a bass in some of the Texas Hill country rivers can be difficult. One you have a limited amount of public shore access. When looking for shore access to the Hill Country rivers, go to google maps and scan the areas of the river and look for areas of green on google maps. This will designate some sort of public location. These are the areas to key in on if you do not have a boat, kayak or stand-up paddleboard.  Check out my social media articles for more information on how to use google maps and other social media tools to find fishing locations. Click Here

The second part of catching bass on these rivers especially during the summer is getting away from tubers. During the extremely hot summer months, people flock to the Hill Country rivers to cool off. Well, they are everywhere and getting away from people cooling off is hard.

To be successful you need to be fishing from a boat, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard. You need to be on the river to target the fish you can’t from the shore. You need to be on one of these platforms to get to areas of the rivers with no shore access. This also gets you away from people swimming and tubing.

Let me know if you have caught a Guadalupe Bass or have any thoughts on fishing the Hill Country area for Guadalupe Bass.

Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler