Fishing Pro Staff

Still thinking about being a PRO-STAFF member or think it’s a waste of your time? Well, see what I’ve done in just a matter of months!

A few months ago I wrote an article detailing the difference between be a “PRO-STAFF” and “SPONSORED” angler working for a company and how they differed. I do find a little entertainment in the fact that people still don’t understand the benefits of being a “PRO-STAFF” and what it can do for your wallet and career.

Being a “PRO-STAFF” is more than just a discount or a free t-shirt, it’s having the ability to professionalize your hobby and putting that first foot in the door. It’s exposure to other anglers and brands. It’s an internship and a chance to prove what you really have to support a company and demonstrate your commitment. It’s a game changer for those who never would have thought it was possible to start a career in the fishing industry.

I took the opportunity to work with Ardent Outdoors and ran with it. In my mind, it was my time to show people how I could really help them out, without even asking for a single thing in return. I’m not a tournament angler and needed to take advantage of my website and my understanding of Social Media and go to work.

Doing “PRO-STAFF” work for a company you get access to sales and sometimes giveaways and contest. Ardent just happened to run a recruiting event and was giving away $1000 in free gear. Yes, a $1000 in free rods and reels! I put my website and social media skills to work and for the month of November 2016, I was the winner!

I walked away with 5 brand new Ardent reels and 3 brand new Ardent rods to add to my arsenal. Winning that contest freed up much-needed money that I could apply to other needs. If you are not part of a “PRO-STAFF” team, then you are not taking advantage!

Speaking of “TEAM” you get access to thousands of other anglers in the various “PRO-STAFF” teams. I’ve made countless connections that will last my career in the fishing industry. So what are you really waiting for?

If you want to take the step and join the Team Ardent Tournament Anglers PRO-STAFF program and get your career started. Contact me today for details.

Email  [email protected]

Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler