Some of you are going to love me for getting information about this company out to you. There is also going to be a group of anglers pissed at me for sharing this as well. This company is a well-known West Coast staple in the bass fishing world. Those in the know, throughout the rest of the country, try to keep this as a guarded secret.

I just recently discovered Fishin Magician Tackle Company (FMTC) on Tackle Warehouse and was immediately intrigued by the designs of the jigs and attachments. This was truly one of those innovative companies that I like to buy from. I also thought I had found a really new company. Wrong, FMTC has been a well-guarded secret since 1995. When you look closely at their tackle you will see everything is custom designed and made.

Let’s talk about the being made part; designed, developed and family made in the USA. This is a 100% family run business, and in my mind, this is truly what it’s about. These are also the exact companies that should be fully supported!!!


The first thing you should notice is the custom Voodoo Head jig offered by FMTC. This is a swim style jig with and open eye. That open eye is the critical piece to having a multi-faceted fishing tool. The jig ranges from 3/8 to 1 oz. and they have 4 total Voodoo attachments. 2 styles of blades, spinnerbait, and buzzbait attachments. So, with that weight range and 5 options for fishing, you have the swiss army knife of the fishing world. It’s really important to not confuse the action and design of this jig with any other bladed jig. The eyelet on this jig and it’s attachments puts this lure in its own category of lures.

Voodoo Jig & Voodoo Attachments
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Now, the flippin style jigs are also custom designed and feature Gamakatsu hooks, custom shaped head with a skirt collar. The Monster Crasher, Infiltrator, and Wedding Crasher all have a unique connection point that allows the hook to swing freely and create more action in all your baits. FMTC also offers several other custom jigs to include football and underspin style swim jigs.

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FMTC plastics are all custom designed and made, and you will not find anything else like them. The craws feature 3 distinct designs, Crasher Craw, Crasher Craw Wide Load, and Turbo Craw along with the Wraith which looks to be a versatile powerhouse. Sizes and colors to fill the appetite of anglers and fish alike. These baits are going to be a must have to match up with the jigs produced by FMTC.

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A-Rig –

I may not be a A-Rig user, do to living in Maryland. I see day in and day out, these things produce and are one of the most popular lures that catch fish and shared on social media. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself on the FMTC Instagram page below. The A-rigs have a great look and again all custom designed and made.

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My FMTC lures will be part of my daily arsenal and I suggest the same for you!! The anglers who guarded this secret for so long…well sorry, word is now out and you should probably stock up before everything is gone. Be sure to head over to Tackle Warehouse to get your hands on FMTC today!

FMTC lures sell out fast, don't hesitate and get them NOW!!!