Live Target is continuing to develop ground breaking lures that are sure to catch some of the biggest bass with life like profiles. The Commotion Shad brings a new level of flash to the top water fishing world.

Description – This life-like hollow body bait generates a tremendous splash and noise that is inviting to surface feeding Bass and Northern Pike. With its realistic profile and attention to detail, this bait replicates a juvenile Shad with remarkable accuracy. The custom extra sharp wide gap double hook was designed specifically to maximize hookups. The rear-spinning blade is custom designed to generate powerful splashing, a broad bubble trail and a deep penetrating “blooping” sound that will call fish in from a distance. Courtesy of

The best part about the Commotion Shad is the do-nothing approach to fishing. Just cast and retrieve and let that Colorado blade do the work for you. Vary your retrieve to change the effects to match the needs of current condition that you are fishing and I think this lure will be hot in 2019. Having a weed-less hollow body shad that will work from the heaviest cover to open water.

The Commotion Shad comes is two sizes 2.5” and 3.5”, along with two weights ½ oz. and ¾ oz. and six amazing lifelike colors: Pearl Ghost, Silver Flake, Glitter Blue Shad, Metallic Moss, Pearl Blue Shad, and Metallic Violet Shad.


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Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler