Now that Bassmaster Tournament Trail has changed the rules about rod lengths, does my idea below become more relevant. How many new techniques can come out of this rule change. Comment below if you have any thoughts!

Fishing the Tidal Potomac and Susquehanna in Maryland on the weekends can be daunting. Dealing with weather and tides also comes major pressure from countless; fisherman, commercial fisherman, and pleasure boats. Starting early in the year, the influx of tournaments that are almost every weekend. All those factors combined, can put strain on the fishing conditions and not to mention the abundance of heavy weeds. Following behind fisherman has helped me learn a few things and I figured if I could catch what they missed I must be doing something right.

Finesse fishing in heavy cover seemed to be the trick for me. However, throwing light finesse style lures on big heavy flipping and pitching gear just wasn’t working for me. The light bulb went off and I decided I needed a heavy duty spinning rod to match my heavy duty casting gear.

What I settled for was a 7’6″ Heavy Action surf rod, one with a thin profile. This rod affords me the same rod qualities as a great flipping a pitching rod. I chose a high-speed spinning reel to match it with braided line and occasionally a mono or flouro leader.

What did this setup get me? Now I have the ability to throw extremely light lures in places I would normally heavier lures. I will say, I’m not trying to punch through the weed mates. I’m just finesse fishing around heavy cover with smaller lightweight lures. The rod provides plenty of power for hauling fish from the structure and the high-speed spinning reel quickly picks up the line. The spinning rod allows me to throw light lures without worry about potential  back lash. I can pitch a small finesse worm a huge distance, which couldn’t be done by “most” fisherman.

What do you think, want to give the short surf rod a try? Tell me your thoughts below or on social media.

Semper Fish!

Joe, The Nationa Angler