A New Fishing Tournament Trail Set to Take Over Professional Bass Fishing – Master what???

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Ever since the introduction of the Bass Pro Tour from Major League Fishing, vanity bass tournament trails have been popping up all over the country. We have just confirmed a humdinger of a new trail that is sure to take over something. Confirmed by Minnow Blog Insider Willie Funkybunch, the new tournament will be named Master Bait Makers (MBM) Tournament Trail.

The Master Bait Makers Tournament Trail founded by a handful of custom bait makers. They are setting the bass fishing world on fire with custom painted knock-off fishing lures. Their goal is to recruit a new breed of elite bass anglers. To become an elite bass angler in the Master Bait Maker Tournament Trail, they must all be active on YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, they must support all sponsors of the Master Bait Maker’s regardless of use of the company’s lures. Action cameras will be worn on their foreheads during all tournaments for the appearance of “Live Action”

Willie couldn’t confirm exactly what the format was or the location of the tournaments. When asked about the participants, he simply stated they were “Instagram Anglers” that nobody knew. Apparently, all profiles don’t have any actual pictures of fish just promotional lure pictures. Willie also stated that the anglers were all ready to start “jerking some bass” in the near future. Let’s all hope it’s not each other.

While we are still waiting for this breaking news to develop about the tournament. This group of unknown anglers will be fishing unknown locations is sure to be an Instagram hit with the moms of this supposed elite group of bass anglers.

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