It’s not too often when a company and its owners come together and really impress me with their dedication and vision to produce a new product. Let’s face it, it’s getting really hard to come up with a new idea or improve an already existing product. This is a product that is well built and thought out and sure to be a sought-out product by anglers of all types. I recently found this product while attending the 2019 Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville TN


The Catch Commander personal culling scale is just that product. You now have all the information that you need in the palm of your hands to make a quick decision on what fish to cull during a tournament. Time is critical to any angler and this scale takes so much of the guesswork out of culling that critical 5 fish limit. This scale also has a rugged build that’s waterproof. Several handle options available to anglers, making it versatile for those fishing from a boat, kayak, or shore to quickly weigh their catch and capture a great photo with their prized catch.

Finally, a truly waterproof fishing scale!


The first set of features that caught my eye when I saw this unit was the large display and handle options. We all want to be able to catch a trophy fish and capture the weight in the same picture and show off the weight to our family, friends, and family.  The Catch Commander has a great removable handle for some of those really big fish as well. The no puncture fish grip will safely hold a fish for a quick measure and release. Again, it’s durable and waterproof, I’m still looking for another scale that can match this.


The Catch Commander keeps a real-time tally of your fish weights, including the lightest fish.

I watched first hand at the classic, the culling feature. It was 100% seamless in weighing a fish, and when it was time to cull a fish that you have caught, the process was seamless. This scale allows an angler to pre-set the “CULL” number for the event and display the weight of each fish in the live well (Up to 10 fish Cull Limit with 5 fish weights always displayed) Keeping a real-time tally of your fish weights, including the lightest fish that needs culling. The important part is making sure you use the appropriately marked cull tag.  You can also adjust the cull number for the tournament from 1-10. This is really beneficial for those fishing in the southern U.S. when tournaments sometimes move to a 3 fish limit during the hot summer months.


Ok, when I saw this feature of the scale I was immediately impressed and quickly thought of a ton of new ways to use the Catch Commander scale. Major League Fishing has obviously dominated the professional fishing news this year with its new format. The Catch Commander supports functions that can support MLF style fishing events and personal competitions. You can change the mode of the scale from cull (1-10 fish) mode to my favorite mode Aggregate Mode. This mode will keep a running total of fish eight and the number of fish caught (up to 99), which is perfect for events or anglers that promote live-release of fish, just like Major League Fishing.

The Aggregate Mode will add a new dimension for professional and weekend anglers alike!

Make sure you head over to the Catch Commander website and check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed at all. Click the link below the image below to head to their website so you can CATCH|CULL|WIN!

You can also check out @catchcommander on social media, click the links below for more information